Merino Match Shirt - Sports Metaverse Asset

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Unlockable Content:

  • 1 Match T-Shirt 2021/2022 signed by the player
  • + Golden Access to eSports Tournament
  • + Access to Stredium Community


The final man's kit Mikel Merino is a team man. He was the player in the final; a unique footballer who gave a perfect pass that will always be remembered. He had already passed the 60th minute of the meeting when ‘El Conde’ was inspired and… We all know what he did. The Navarrese midfielder saw Portu uncheck, executed a pass for history, the Murcian attacker fell into the area and ... Days later it was learned that Merino had played injured; a tear in one of his vertebrae. [Stredium Metaverse Asset]

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