Combination of All #1/1 - Golden Series - Sports Metaverse Asset

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Blue United eFC #1 - Combination of All

Unlockable Content, for every NFT owner:

1 - Exclusive monthly reports on how the team is performing and data about the team (for 2 years) 1 ticket to attend to the Annual General meeting (online) – where the performance of the team is analyzed, and NFT owners can share their feedback and comments (for 2 years)

For the highest bidder:

1- The NFT owner will become a sponsor of the team and the sponsor’s logo will be on Blue United eFC’s jersey for 1 year (BU will decide location and size)*

2 - The NFT owner will be able to have the sponsor’s video on BU eFC’s/BU’s social media channels*

*The owner of the NFT can execute this sponsorship option and include their message/brand on Blue United eFC’s jersey, by September 1, 2021, the latest. This jersey will be used in the competitions of the team and in events during the year, based on Blue United Schedule and discretion. The message/brand portrait cannot be a conflict with Blue United eFC’s current sponsors, tournament organizers, and it cannot express hate and controversial messages that do not align with the values of sports, esports, Blue United and any other partner of Blue United.

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